Best Laptop Locks Reviews

Bodyguard Laptop Combination Lock Security Cable
6.2 Foot Universal Security Cable, 6.0mm dia, suitable for most digital devices fitted with a security slot 6-foot cable length.
Theft Deterrent: Keyless 4 dial combination lock.
One key lever push button design for one hand operation to easily install lock, and easy to take.
Ruban Notebook Lock and Security Cable
6.2 Foot Universal Security Cable.
Cable comes with 2 lock keys as an alternative spare.
Works with all notebooks, desktops, docking stations with built in security locking slot hole.
Kensington Combination Cable Lock for Laptops or Other Devices
Superior strength lockhead to resist tampering
Keyless 4-wheel combination
Attaches to laptops, desktops, TVs, monitors, hard drives, docking stations, projectors or any other device featuring a Kensington Security Slot

Best laptop locks

We all love our personal belongings, and we invest in things every chance we get. However, we need to think about their protection as well. Not all people are decent, and unfortunately, thieves exist, which is why we need to take all means necessary to protect what is ours. One of the things that need extra protection is laptops. They are easy to steal and conceal, which is why laptop locks have been invented.

Believe it or not, laptops are among the most stolen items. There are even studies that confirm that and analyze what the best method to protect them is. So, if you have an expensive laptop or even a cheap one that has valuable data on it, my advice is to invest in the best laptop lock you can find.

How does a laptop lock work?

I actually did not know that such a thing exists. I stumbled upon it recently, and I was very curious to see how it works. The principle behind the mechanism is quite simple. The lock consists of three parts: the anchor, the cable, and the lock itself. The design of the anchor may differ, and so is the lock, but all models use pretty much the same principle.

The first thing you need to do is set up the anchor. This is an essential part because it will determine the strength of your locking system. Some anchors are bolted to the wall or desk, while others are knotted (so to speak) to the legs of your desk. Either way, you need to ensure that the anchor cannot go anywhere. The cable does not need to be analyzed because it is pretty much self-explanatory. The lock, on the other hand, is a little bit more complicated. You can choose one that has a cipher or is password protected. That part goes into a small metal slot in your laptop. The point is that if the laptop lock is removed by force, there will be some severe damage to it. At that point, there is no reason to steal it. What can you do with a broken laptop other than throwing it away or selling it for parts?

The most common anti-theft system is the Kensington Security Slot. It is built in small devices that are prone to be stolen. The slot is a little rectangular space that is usually located on the side or back of your laptop. The inner part of the system has a small metal panel. That small panel is what makes the system trustworthy because as I said above, once you pull that out, the laptop is worthless. The lock you buy goes into that small hole with the metal panel. The lock has a T-shaped know that rotates 90 degrees after you insert it. And there you have it. That is how laptop locks work.

Why you should buy a laptop lock?

As you can imagine, not everyone needs a laptop lock. If you are one of those people who carry their laptops around everywhere they go, you should be safe. However, there are a few cases in which you need a laptop lock:

  • You leave your laptop at work – while some people take their laptops at home when they leave work, some of them like to leave their laptop behind. Since thefts are common, a laptop lock is more than necessary. After all, you want to find your laptop where you left it, right? The same reason applies if you leave your laptop at home and you do not feel safe in your neighborhood. If there have been a few break-ins, a laptop lock will make you feel better.
  • You have valuable data on your laptop – maybe you are working on something important, or perhaps you wrote a book, and you do not have a hard copy. Whatever the reason, a laptop lock will make you feel safe about the content of your device. As long as you find it in the same spot you left it, you are going to have some peace of mind.

How to choose the best laptop lock?

Before making a purchase, you need to consider a few factors. Unfortunately, buying the first product you see is not a good idea. Not all laptop locks are created equal, so you need to pay attention to details. Here is what I am talking about:

  • Design – while some people underestimate the design, this is a crucial aspect. If you buy a cheap model, the lock is basically worthless. However, look at the cable to see if it is properly reinforced, and the anchor should be extremely reliable. Otherwise, you may be buying the laptop lock for nothing.
  • Lock – some people prefer a combination lock, while others like a keyed lock. There are pros and cons on both sides, but I personally like the ones that are combination protected. That way you do not need to remember to always take the keys. Of course, you need to remember the combination, but we remember passwords all the time. The keyed laptops locks, on the other hand, are cheaper. The point is to compare the pros and cons and establish which one is best for you.
  • Portability – if you carry your laptop around and leave it alone from time to time, like at school or work, you need a portable laptop lock. That means you cannot go for an anchor that needs to be bolted. The best course of action is to go for the one that allows you to wrap the cable around your desk or a pipe. That way you can lock your laptop wherever you may go.
  • Ease of installation – in my opinion, it is pointless to buy a laptop lock that is difficult to install. You should get one that is easy to use, and it should be just as easy to take off. You cannot say whether a particular product will provide that only by looking at it, which is why my advice is to read some laptop lock reviews before purchase.
  • Check the compatibility – not all lock slots are the same for all devices, which means that not all locks are the same either. As I previously mentioned, the Kensington is the most common security slot, but perhaps your device has a Noble slot. Check your laptop or device and check to see what kind of slot it has. After that, you can buy a laptop lock that is compatible. Keep in mind that trying to fit a different lock in your security slot can lead to damage, so do not try

What are the best laptop locks?

Looking for the best laptop lock is not difficult. All you have to do is read the specifications carefully and look at the tips mentioned above. However, if you do not feel like searching, you can go for one of the suggestions below. They are cheap, they are reliable, and they will do an excellent job at protecting whatever device you want to protect.

Bodyguard Laptop Combination Lock Security Cable

Click here to buy it on Amazon

While the laptop lock from Bodyguard can be used on your laptop, you can also use it on anything that has a compatible security slot. You can use this product to secure an LCD screen, plasma screen, video projector, or any other device you need protecting. However, make sure that the slot is 2.8 inches by 1.2 inches. Most devices have a rectangular security slot with this size, so chances are it is going to work on your device as well.

The anchor consists of the cable itself. All you have to do is wrap it around something that cannot be easily taken out. The highly durable cord is 6.2 feet long and is made of sturdy steel and not iron like most laptop locks. It is thicker than most cables as well, so you do not have to worry about someone cutting it off.

As for the lock itself, this model features a keyless four dial combination. There are 10 000 possible combination codes, and you can establish the code yourself. However, make sure that you remember it because if you forget, there is not much you can do about it. The key lever push button design ensures ease of use and will allow you to operate the lock with a single hand. It is easy to install, easy to lock, and unlocking is just as simple. If you buy this product, I am sure that you will be satisfied with it.

Ruban Notebook Lock and Security Cable

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The laptop lock from Ruban will help you keep your laptop safe, as well as the valuable data you may have on it. Lucky for you, this model works with all notebooks, desktops, docking stations, or anything else that can allow you to use this security system. It is simple, but it will do an excellent job of protecting your devices.

The Ruban laptop lock uses the most common mechanism, and that is the T-bar mechanism. It is popular precisely because people like it and is easy to use. The cable has the same length as the previous model, which is 6.2 feet, and the anchor consists of a loop at one end of the cord. Once you wrap this around a desk or pipe, there is no way someone can take it off.

As for the locking system, the Ruban laptop lock does not use a keyless combination system. Instead, you get two keys. One is necessary, obviously, but I like the fact that the manufacturer thought about the spare. After all, we lose keys all the time. That does not mean we have to lose our laptops as well. Just place the spare key in a safe place, and you should be at ease.

Kensington Combination Cable Lock for Laptops or Other Devices

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Last but not least, the Kensington laptop lock is one of the best sellers you will find online. It works on most devices, which means that compatibility is easy to ensure. However, there are a few Dell laptops or Chromebooks 13 models that use a Noble lock slot and not a Kensington, so you if you have one of those, check the compatibility before purchase.  It provides a superior strength lock head that can resist tampering, and the push button design will allow you to use only a single hand when you operate it. Installation is quite straightforward, and unlocking the mechanism is a piece of cake.

The locking system is achieved with a 4-wheel combination. You can choose from 10 000 possible combinations, and you get to personalize it when you receive the lock. Resetting it is also very simple. Apart from securing your laptop, you can also use the Kensington laptop lock on TVs, hard drives, projectors, or anything else that comes with a Kensington security slot.

You can anchor this lock to your desk, a table, or anything that is made to sit in place. The anchor consists of the popular loop, which makes this model portable. The cable is 6 feet long, which should give you enough length. Since this product is compatible with about 99% of electronics, I am sure that you can buy it. You are going to be happy with your choice.

My recommendation

I have yet to use a laptop lock because I never had to. However, I have been reading a ton of laptop locks reviews online, and my recommendation is that you buy the Kensington Combination Cable Lock for Laptops or Other Devices. It is compatible with almost anything, it ensures security, and it is portable. It has to be one of the best laptop locks you can find.


Electronic devices do not come cheap, especially if you go for a famous brand. That is why you need to protect yours. We do not live in this perfect little world where everyone is honest, which is why you need to take precautions. A laptop lock is labeled as a precaution measure, which means that you must buy one if you want to keep your devices safe. One of the products above will do just that. Click here to buy on Amazon

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